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My son, Greg was a student of Shelley Mathews for five years, after having taken lessons from another private teacher for many years.  We switched to Shelley back in 2009, when Greg was 14, and his playing improved so much during our time with her.  While she expects a lot from her students and has high standards, her approach is both kind and patient.  She really brought out the best in Greg.  I would recommend Shelley to anyone looking for outstanding and enjoyable violin instruction, and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results."



Mary S.

former studio parent

"Thank you so much for all your coaching and guidance over the past six years.  I have grown so much and have developed such a love for violin, and I will definitely come back and visit.  Thank you again for being the best teacher and mentor I could ask for."





Alexa E.

student graduate

"Ms. Mathews, while an accomplished professional violinist in her own right, is an outstanding violin teacher and mentor to children and teens as well. Ms. Mathews possess an amazing talent to impart technical skills but also to inspire a deep appreciation and love for music to her student.  As a parent I speak from first-hand knowledge.  Ms. Mathews has been our daughter's (violin) teacher for five years in which time our daughter has developed into a mature, poised, and confident violinist.  Our daughter is presently auditioning to several top tier college music performance programs --  a musical journey that might not have happened without the mentoring, encouragement, and guidance of Ms. Mathews."

James B.

current studio parent

with student Alexa E.

student Sabrina B.

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